Number 2/2017


  1. Ślęzak M., Krupiński M. – 65 years of the Motor Transport Institute
  2. Wnuk A. – Road safety education in the new curriculum for kindergartens, primery schools and I-st level trade schools as well as in the framework curricula
  3. Gis. W, Menes M. – An attempt to estimate the global park of electric vehicle (HEV, PHEV and BEV)
  4. Gis M. – Progress in reduction of emissions from manufacturing fleets of light vehicles, as stimulators of development of hybrid and electric vehicles
  5. Moćko W. – An experimental method of determining a strain rate sensitivity of alloys
  6. Szymczak T, Kowalewski Z. – Selected materials applied in breaking systems and its mechanical properties
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