The procedure for reviewing scientific articles in the "Motor Transport" quarterly

  1. The Motor Transport quarterly publishes original articles that have not been previously published and have not been submitted to other editors.
  2. Submitted articles are subject to a preliminary assessment by the Editorial Board. In the event that the article is not qualified for publication, it is returned to the authors together with the reasons for the rejection.
  3. If the article is qualified for publication, it is sent for review in accordance with the criteria contained in the Communication of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 09/04/2012. point 4, sub-point 5) b).
  4. The review takes place in the "double-blind review process" system. The authors and Reviewers remain anonymous to each other - the articles for review are forwarded without the authors' surnames and affiliations; the names of the Reviewers are not known to the authors.
  5. The review must end with a clear conclusion regarding the admission or rejection of the article.
  6. The authors are informed about the results of reviews and receive them for review.
  7. Once a year, the Editorial Office publishes a list of Reviewers with whom it cooperated in a given year.
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