Krystyna Bentkowska-Senator

Zdzislaw Kordel

Jerzy Waskiewicz

ISBN 978-83-60965-05-4


Number of pages: 217


Price: 39 PLN




The primary objective of this publication is to look more closely at the role and place of the freight road transport, by synthetically presenting the number of information on the subject and its analysis. The book is of a general character, covering in an abbreviated form all of the issues linked with the functioning of the road transport, in particular with the freight haulage. It presents in its main part, the discussion on the essence of the road transport functioning, supplemented by the newest numerical data, which concerns the volume of haulage, its changes in the course of time, structure of the enterprises from the point of view of the number of vehicles, as well as cause - consequence analysis of the current situation. The relationships of the administrative areas' economic development with the development of transport, have been emphasised, as well as characteristics of the problem of financing the sector of small and medium firms in transport.

A significant value of this publication is presentation, in separate chapters, the problems of costs and prices in the road transport. There is also an extended material devoted to the cabotage.

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