Number 3/2017


  1. Menes M. – Development of extra-urban bus transport in Poland in the years 1989-2015
  2. Wnuk A. – The University of the Young Explorer at the motor transport institute - summary of project implementation
  3. Olejniczak-Serowiec A., Rutkows ka D. – Drivers’ normative beliefs concerning traffic law braking questionnaire
  4. Kukla W. – Road infrastructure innovation as an element for improvement of road safety in Poland ..
  5. Sicińska K., Hitczenko D. – Analysis of a system of recovery of electrical wiring looms coming from vehicles withdrawn from the operation
  6. Gis M. – Study tests of a passenger car powered by E85 ethanol fuel
  7. Klasik A., Rudnik D. – Comparing the results of tribological tests obtained on the T-05 and T-11 test stands.
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