For the disabled

Motor Transport Institute has, for many years, been supportive to the automotive circle of persons with disabilities. This action is consistent with the mission of the Institute - the conduct, coordination, dissemination of research results and development work in the field of road transport and working out new technical, organizational and economic solutions in various areas, in this case, the safety of road users.

The activities conducted at the Automotive Services Centre for People with Disabilities (CUM ITS) , as well as the commitment and openness to the needs of others, are translated into concrete systemic actions. Since the circle of people with disabilities expects implementation of the legal provisions, including UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, the activity of CUM ITS is to contribute to the implementation of far-reaching objectives of the Article 20 of the Convention, entitled - Mobility.

Part of the Centre is National Information Point for Automotive Services, in which people with disabilities, their families, driving instructors, examiners, medical examiners, vehicles dealers, adaptation car firms and other interested people can obtain expert information on many issues related to mobility.

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