Type-approval of the vehicles

Type-approval is the process by which a new type of vehicle becomes roadworthy. The homologation authority issues a type-approval certificate of the vehicle, based on the positive tests results of the authorized technical unit, entitling to its registration. This certificate confirms the fulfilment of the technical requirements specified in the relevant legislation.

  • Type-approval of M and N category vehicles (motor vehicles)
  • Type-approval of O category vehicles (trailers) - Frequently Asked Questions
  • The type approval tests of  the M, N, O, L, T category vehicles
  • The type approval tests of the method of installing the system adapting the given type of vehicle to run on LPG and CNG
  • The type approval tests of the motor vehicles’ lighting equipment, as well as signalling ones made of retro-reflective materials
  • The type approval tests of the protective helmets and their visors for the drivers and passengers of motorcycles and mopeds
  • The type approval tests of equipment and vehicle parts
  • The type approval tests in terms of pollutants emissions and fuel consumption
  • The type approval tests of the engines of  the non-road mobile machinery

Contact details:

Vehicle Type-Approval & Testing Department

Jerzy W. Kownacki, MSc, Mech. Eng.
Telephone: +48 22 43 85 311
e-mail: homologacja@its.waw.pl

Vehicle Testing Laboratory
Sławomir Cholewiński, MSc, Eng.
Telephone: +48 22 43 85 546
e-mail: slawomir.cholewinski@its.waw.pl

Gas Powered Vehicles Laboratory
Adam Majerczyk, MSc, Eng.
Telephone: +48 22 43 85 327
e-mail: adam.majerczyk@its.waw.pl