Training courses

Here there is information about training courses organized by the ITS. These are:

  • training for diagnosticians,
  • training in digital tachograph system
  • training for transport operators

There is also information here about the teaching aids for Driver Training Centres, which support the driver training process.

Contact details:

Diagnostics and Servicing Process Department

Acting Head of the Department
Paweł Dziedziak, MSc, Eng.
Telephone: +48 22 43 85 200

Car Service and Diagnostics Laboratory
Robert Karpiński, MSc, Eng.
Telephone: +48 22 43 85 318

Equipment Testing Laboratory
Ryszard Czajka, Mech. Eng.
Telephone: +48 22 43 85 189

Tech. Consultancy Laboratory for Vehicle
Inspection Stations (VIS patronage)

Wojciech Jarosiński, PhD, Eng.
Telephone: +48 22 43 85 165