Certification of: automotive products, devices and diagnostic equipment, road transport carriers, drivers training centres, driving instructors, diagnostic specialists for the vehicles inspection stations and safety mark "B22".

  • Certification of the Road Transport Carriers
  • Voluntary certification
  • Certification of services
  • Certification of products

Contact details:

Certification, Standardization and Quality Department

Acting Head of the Department
Dariusz Piotr Wiśniewski, MSc, Eng.
Telephone: +48 22 43 85 105
e-mail: darekp.wisniewski@its.waw.pl

Certification of Road Hauliers
Beata Stępińska, MSc, Eng.
Telephone: +48 22 43-85-328 (156)
e-mail: transport@its.waw.pl
e-mail: beata.stepinska@its.waw.pl

Certification of Products
Dariusz Wiśniewski, MSc, Eng.
Telephone: +48 22 43-85-119 (100)
e-mail: certyfikacja@its.waw.pl

Inspection Laboratory
Telephone: +48 22 43 85 105
e-mail: zkj@its.waw.pl

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