Economic Research Department


Acting Head of Department: Malgorzata Zysinska, MSc

Economic Research Department
Motor Transport Institute

80 Jagiellońska Str.
03-301 Warsaw
tel. (+48 22) 43-85-284


Economic Research Department (ZBE) conducts scientific research work concerning economic processes, taking place in the road transport and its surroundings as well as their development prospects. The work conducted encompasses in particular:

  • determining the directions of development of road transport and its role in the transport systems of this country and the European Union,
  • evaluation of the functioning of transport, forwarding and logistics companies (TSL ranking),
  • analysis of collective public transport and its accessibility,
  • studies on the operating costs of international freight,
  • study of the average operating costs of motor vehicles,
  • evaluation of the economic effects of implementing new solutions in the road transport, public collective transport, and city logistics,
  • analysis and proposals for solutions to improve the accessibility of public collective transport for people with special needs.

In addition to the research and development work carried out at the Department the tasks also include:

  • cooperation with national and EU entities dealing with economic and organizational issues in the field of road transport,
  • developing analyses, evaluations and expert opinions in the field of road transport, both freight and passenger one,
  • disseminating the results of work carried out at the Institute through trade publications, book publications and presentations at scientific conferences,
  • performing tasks related to various aspects of the functioning and development of road transport commissioned by state and local administration bodies, associations and economic entities, including project consortia.



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