Safety Tunes Project Conference

On 19 June 2017, an international conference summarizing the European Road Safety Tunes project was held at the Motor Transport Institute.

The purpose of the conference was to present the project's assumptions and the results.

The conference was opened by ITS Director - Asst. Prof. Marcin Ślęzak, PhD, Eng. Prof. of MTI, Secretary of the National Road Safety Council - Mr Konrad Romik, together with the project leader, Austrian Mobility Research FGM-AMOR represented by Ms Elke Weiss. The conference was attended by international Road Safety experts - Maria Bognar from the Global Road Safety Partnership from Hungary and Mr Manpreet Darroch from YOURS - Youth for Road Safety, project partners, school directors and teachers and young people who took part in the project.

European Road Safety Tunes - is an international project co-funded by the European Union, awarded by the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport. It has gathered 8 EU countries, and Poland is represented by the Motor Transport Institute. Besides ITS, the project consortium includes: Austrian Mobility Research FGM-AMOR, Mobiel21 (Belgium), Stichting TeamAlert (Netherlands), Gea21 - Grupo de Estudios y Alternativas S.L. (Spain) , KTI Institute for Transport Sciences (Hungary), HBH Projekt (Czech Republic), AMZS Roadside Assistance (Slovenia).

Safety Tunes is a project that provides a methodology for educational activities targeted at such an age group that is most often overlooked in Road Safety education. Because it is difficult to reach by traditional methods, it is demanding, and at the same time people that age understand Road Safety problems well, recognize their role in traffic and share responsibility for the hazards.

The aim of the project is to improve road safety and reduce the number of accidents as well as injured and dead among young people aged 15-24. Project participants have developed and implemented actions to increase the awareness of young road users of traffic dangers, especially among cyclists, moped riders, motorcyclists and car drivers.

Safety Tunes activities consisted of organizing a series of workshops aimed at the target group - vocational / technical secondary students, in which peer educators were involved, and students were able to present Road Safety problems using various artistic forms. Students could choose their own message and the way of communicating it, e.g. through a music piece (music and text), picture, video, photography, graffiti, street performance / music / theatrical drama, story, poem etc.

The Safety Tunes project has shown that young people can emotionally engage in discussions about Road Safety problems, actively participate in activities and demonstrate great creativity.

Students in Poland have prepared films, posters, poems and comics as part of the Safety Tunes competition for the best artistic work referring to the main problems in the Road Safety. Many valuable works have been created. During the conference on June 19, 2017, the award giving ceremony took place for the best work. Below is a list of winners:

  • The main prize for the best film, script and realization, coherent concept, emotional message and original presentation of important road safety issues was received by Mateusz Zwara from the Complex of Automotive Schools – 1-st Westerplatte Heroes’ Armoured Brigade in Gdansk
  • The Jakub Szaszka from the Automotive and High School Complex No. 1 in Warsaw received the special prize for the original use of the poetic expression form and the emotional message about the problems of road safety.
  • The special prize for the most popular film and the most successful campaign in the social media was awarded to: Szymon Brząkała, Mateusz Karczmarek, Dawid Mochocki, Krystian Niemyjski, Paweł Padochin, Jakub Pogorzelski, Mateusz Popiński, Sebastian Praski, Oskar Rejf, Adam Tomczyk, Marcin Wąsowski, Przemysław Wilkowski, Krystian Wołosz, Damian Żołek from the School Complex No. 33 in Warsaw
  • Karol Drapacz, Anita Katarzyńska, Anna Kłębek, Natalia Koza, Przemysław Kozerski, Aneta Kwiecień, Justyna Mazur, Mateusz Michalski, Rafał Pełka, Adrian Siara, Patrycja Sroga, Żaneta Zatorska from the Emil Godlewski’s School Complex. in Piotrkowice Małe were awarded the prize for the use of unconventional artistic form - comic.
  • Adrian Brodowski, Daniel Kucharski, Krystian Markiewicz, Jakub Wróbel and Jan Wygocki from the Adam Mickiewicz’s School Complex No. 2. in Ciechanów were awarded the prize for the original film coverage of the issues related to the safety of young people on the road
  • The award for unconventional film presentation of the problem of traffic safety was given to: Kamil Czanik, Anna Dreszler, Karolina Gratkowska, Piotr Grzyb, Martyna Kaźmierska, Daria Stefanowska, Michał Szurmak, Patrycja Święćkowska, Mateusz Turkowski  from the Polish Army’s General Education Collage  in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki
  • The award for an ingenious and comprehensive use of the film form to express important social issues in the field of road safety was given to: Martyna Bojska, Anna Hmielewska, Roksana Krasińska, Agata Machała, Gabriela Pałka, Agata Stępień, Agnieszka Sulima, Aleksandra Szczodra, Izabela Świątek, Katarzyna Tobis from John Paul II’s  Higher Secondary School in Lipsk
  • The prize for a comprehensive film presentation of the issues related to young road users was received by: Patryk Borkowski, Mateusz Budnicki, Piotr Fabisiak, Daniel Figurski, Kamil Koperski, Rafał Łabęda, Artur Miś, Sebastian Nagel, Emil Pakoca, Patryk Pękala, Daniel Tobiasz, Damian Wieczorek, Maciej Wyrzykowski, Kacper Zahubień from the 1-st Brigade Brigade im. Westerplatte Heroes Complex of Vocational Schools No. 1 in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki
  • Roger Komorniczak from the – 1-st Westerplatte Heroes’ Armoured Brigade in Gdansk received the award for the best artwork precisely illustrating the road safety message
  • The prizes for artistic work depicting the most important problems of the road safety were received by: Mateusz Kwasek and Milena Pałka from the from John Paul II’s  Higher Secondary School in Lipsk
  • Kacper Damps, Krzysztofa Klebba, Łukasz Konkol, Jakub Kwidzyński, Dariusz Pałasz, Maciej Tusk  from the National Education Commission’s District School Complex No. 2 in Kościerzyna were awarded the prize for plastic work for depicting the main dangers in the road traffic.
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