65 years of Motor Transport Institute

On July 4, 2017 at the headquarters of the Motor Transport Institute in Warsaw, a special  celebratory meeting of the ITS Scientific Committee was held, devoted to the Jubilee of the 65th anniversary of the Institute’s activities with the participating representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction, members of the Scientific Committee and current personnel of the Institute. The meeting was chaired by Tadeusz Waściński Assoc. Prof. PhD, Eng., Chairman of ITS Scientific Committee.

The jubilee meeting was honoured by the presence of Mr. Jerzy Szmit, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction, who conveyed to those present the best wishes from Mr. Andrzej Adamczyk - Minister of Infrastructure and Construction, and thanked the Institute staff for 65 years of work and academic achievements, which are also used by the Ministry of Transport in the matters of particular importance to Polish road transport. Minister Jerzy Szmit also stressed the Institute's accomplishments in the most important areas of activity, particularly emphasizing the Institute's contribution to the supporting Polish road transport operators on the international transport market in the context of work on, so-called, Mobility package.

His best wishes on the occasion of the 65th Anniversary of the ITS, has also passed, in the video message from Strasbourg Prof. Bogusław Liberadzki, Vice-President of the European Parliament and member of the ITS Scientific Committee. Professor Liberadzki emphasized his longstanding relationship with the Institute, and also quoted the ITS’s merits on the national and international field.

Among the distinguished guests were: Mr. Bogdan Oleksiak, Director of the Road Transport Department of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction, Mr. Jerzy Polaczek, Vice-President of the ITS Scientific Committee and Prof. Wojciech Przetakiewicz, Vice President of ITS Scientific Committee.

- Over the past 65 years it is difficult to identify a fragment of the road transport sector in whose development the Institute would not have made larger or smaller contribution. Particularly active, difficult to overestimate role, the Institute played during the years of the political system transformations, having contributed significantly to the market reformation of the sector and its preparation for functioning on the European Union market, emphasized Marcin Ślęzak Assoc. Prof. PhD, Eng, during the main part of the Jubilee celebrations.

Today the Motor Transport Institute represents 65 years of tradition and experience, and is a recognized and valued institution at home and abroad, with its qualified scientific and expert staff working in international committees and expert bodies of the European Union and the United Nations. The Institute is a national leader in many areas such as: road safety, environmental protection (including electromobility), vehicle type-approval and technical testing, vehicle approval and technical testing. Over the entire period of its operation, the Institute, as a unit closely associated with the supervisory authority, i.e. the ministry responsible for transport, has participated in solving current and future road transport problems in Poland, providing natural expert support for the government and other public administration bodies.

The wide spectrum of unique and extensive research has been recognized and rewarded - during the Jubilee celebrations the ITS's distinguished personnel was honoured:

By the award bestowed by the President of the Republic of Poland:

• Gold Cross of Merit, Silver Cross of Merit, Bronze Cross of Merit

• Gold Medal for Long Service, Silver Medal for Long Service, Bronze Medal for Long Service

Decoration given by the Minister responsible for transport:

• Honorary badge "For the Merit to the transport of the Republic of Poland"

 Decoration given by the ITS Director based on the resolution of the Chapter:

• Honorary badge "For the Merit to the Motor Transport Institute".

The state awards were given by Minister Jerzy Szmit, while honorary badges were given by professor Marcin Ślęzak. In all, 46 employees of the Institute of Motor Vehicles received the awards.

One of the last points of the celebratory ITS Scientific Committee’s meeting was a video invitation to the ITS’s International September Conference on the Autonomous Future of Road Transport – about which we will be briefing soon.

At the end of the session all participants received a commemorative jubilee publication.


ITS begun its operation in 1952 under the Regulation of the Minister of Road and Air Transport of 25 September 1951, on the establishment of the Motor Transport Institute.

The area of ​​activity of the Institute is the entire country. The research problems that the Institute has been dealing with over the past 65 years have been changing steadily. These changes were a consequence of the needs of the national economy and road transport, as well as technical and organizational progress in both economy and transport.

Currently the most important tasks of the Institute are:

• Transport safety

• Transport economics

• Environmental Protection

• Technical security

The essence of ITS’s activity are the multidisciplinary solutions that include transport economics and organization, certification, telematics, psychology, testing of: for the road worthiness of vehicles, consumables, vehicle parts and equipment accessories, and also recycling of vehicles and disused consumables. The Institute also implements projects related to environmental protection and safety of road users, important for achieving the goals of socio-economic policy of the state.

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