Meeting of the International CITA Committee

During October 5-6, 2017, the Seventh Meeting of Experts of the International Headlight Testing Working Group (CITA) of the International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee was held at the Motor Transport Institute.

The chairman of the working group was the Polish representative - Tomasz Targosiński, PhD, Eng., the ITS researcher.

The aim of the group's work is to develop European recommendations for testing vehicle headlights under the periodic technical inspection of vehicles at vehicle inspection station.

Inspection of the headlights is an important for safety and underestimated element of the periodic inspection. Despite common framework recommendations in the form of a European Commission directive, each Member State applies different criteria for correct alignment of headlamps. Poland is conducting pioneering work in this area, and our requirements are most closely aligned to the needs of road safety. Hence the need to analyze the sources of differences and work out a common model of lighting diagnostics, because in Europe and outside it there is the same system of type-approval requirements used specifying technical parameters.

During the ITS meeting, an analysis of the technical sources of the existing provisions was continued. It has been noted that due to the lack of effective response from the periodic inspection area, some manufacturers produce headlamps that in practice can not be adjusted, as each diagnostician subjectively interpret the ambiguity of the cut off line. There are also no simple and unequivocal criteria that would allow to eliminate the lights which can not be precisely adjusted. The group has begun work on creating such proposals based on the requirements of the type-approval regulations and the practical needs of periodic diagnostics.

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