International meeting at MTI

On 5-6 December 2017, at the headquarters of the Motor Transport Institute, a working meeting of the SaferWheels project (Study on Powered Two-Wheeler and Bicycle Accidents in the EU) was held.

The participants of the meeting worked on preparing a final report summing up the research carried out hitherto.

The project implemented in the years 2015-2017 is aimed at making an in-depth analysis of road accidents with the participation of single-track drivers (motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles), evaluating the causes and conditions of these events and preparing appropriate recommendations for the European Commission.

The program involves six EU countries (Greece, Netherlands, France, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom). According to the adopted common methodology, 500 road accidents involving motorcyclists, motorists and cyclists were examined, including 86 in Poland. All data was collected in a specially prepared database.

The result of the project will be a report containing recommendations on how to modify preventive measures to more effectively reduce the risk to motorcyclists and cyclists in the road traffic.

The subject matter of the project is particularly important from the point of view of safety. In recent years, in all European Union countries there has been an increase in interest in motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles as alternative means of transport. This, unfortunately, has translated into an increase in the number of accidents and their casualties among drivers and passengers on two-wheelers. In this context, the project results can be of great importance and should undoubtedly be used also in Poland.

In the implementation of the project, the Motor Transport Institute cooperated with the Warsaw Police Headquarters and the Provincial Police Headquarters based in Radom.


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