Debate on the consequences of changes in EU law for the transport

On Tuesday, 30 January 2018, a debate took place in the European Parliament in Brussels on the evaluation of possible consequences of changes in the EU regulations for the road transport.

The starting point in the discussion was the report commissioned by the Association of International Road Carriers in Poland prepared by a group of experts, transport market analysts, composed of:

  • professor Wojciech Paprocki - Warsaw School of Economics,
  • professor Zdzisław Kordel - Motor Transport Institute,
  • Jerzy Waśkiewicz, PhD, Eng. - Motor Transport Institute,
  • Kerstin Esser - consulting company Railistics GmbH from Wiesbaden,
  • Udo Sauerbrey - consulting company Railistics GmbH from Wiesbaden.

The reports submitted to AIRC indicated numerous threats that will occur in the case of implementing some of the regulations contained in the proposed content of the Mobility Package. These changes may lead to serious disruptions in the operation of international road hauliers.