Drugs in road traffic

On 15 November, a seminar was organized at the Radisson Blue Sobieski Hotel in Warsaw on the problem of drugs presence in the road traffic.

The event was attended, among the others, by Zbigniew Król, Deputy Minister of Health and the MP Michał Szczerba.

During the seminar, the state of activities undertaken in Poland and in the European Union countries in this area was presented. The experts from Great Britain, Germany and France shared their experiences in implementing new legal solutions regarding driving after taking illegal psychoactive substances. An important part of the seminar was the panel, during which an attempt was made to identify the most promising directions of preventive activities in this area.

Among the speakers of the event were:

  • Antonio Avenoso - Director of the European Transport Safety Council
  • Marcin Ślęzak - Director of the Motor Transport Institute
  • Tomasz Białas - Chief Sanitary Inspector
  • Radosław Kobryś - Police Headquarters
  • Piotr Jabłoński - Director of the National Bureau for Counteracting Drug Addiction
  • Frank Mütze - European Transport Safety Council
  • Kim Wolff - King's College London
  • Charles Mercier-Guyon - Prevention Routiere
  • Verena Zimmermann - Securetec
  • Anna Zielińska - Motor Transport Institute
  • Ilona Buttler - Motor Transport Institute

As part of the seminar, a press conference was also organized, during which the latest research results were presented on the existence of psychoactive substances among Polish drivers, passengers (of vehicles) and cyclists. Demonstrated were also drug detecting equipment of the Polish police and solutions used abroad.

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