Summary of the European “SaferWheels” project

On April 16, at the headquarters of the Motor Transport Institute, a press conference was held on the results of the European "SaferWheels" project, which was co-organized by MTI.

The meeting was attended by: prof. Marcin Ślęzak (Director of the Institute), Maria Dąbrowska-Loranc (Head of the MTI Road Safety Centre), insp. Radosław Kobryś (Traffic Office of the Police Headquarters), young insp. Jacek Mnich (Head of the Road Traffic Department of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Radom) and sub-insp. Sławomir Czyżniak (Deputy head of the Road Traffic Department of the Warsaw Metropolitan Police Headquarters), as well as a large group of media representatives. 

The guests of the event were also motorcyclists from the Road Runners Club and cyclists - the practical knowledge of these persons complemented the information about the project.

Speakers at the conference were road safety specialists - Mrs. Ilona Buttler (project manager of SaferWheels) and Mrs. Anna Zielińska, who presented selected results of the in-depth investigations of road accidents involving cyclists and motorcyclists.


The "SaferWheels" project aimed to conduct in-depth investigations of road accidents involving motorcyclists, mopeds and bicycles riders, to assess the causes and conditions of these events and to prepare appropriate recommendations for the European Commission.

Six countries took part in the program: Great Britain, France, Italy, Poland, Greece and the Netherlands. The task of each country was to conduct very thorough research on 86 road accidents involving motorcyclists and cyclists. Nearly 1500 parameters were used to describe each accident in the study.

In Poland, the SaferWheels program was run by the Motor Transport Institute in cooperation with the Warsaw Metropolitan Police Headquarters and the Provincial Police Headquarters based in Radom and with the help of prosecutors and courts from the Masovia Province


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