European Road Safety Charter

On June 11, at the ITS headquarters, a meeting of the signatories of the European Road Safety Charter was organized.

In the first part of the conference, the following persons made their speeches:

  • prof. Marcin Ślęzak - Director of the Motor Transport Institute
  • Matthew Baldwin - European Coordinator of Road Safety, DG MOVE
  • Konrad Romik - Secretary of the National Road Safety Council, Ministry of Infrastructure
  • Vincent Leroy - European Road Safety Charter Team
  • Teodor Calnescu - Director of the European Transport Safety Council

Crowning moment of the opening panel was the presentation of new signatories to the European Road Safety Charter and the ceremony of signing by the representatives of fifteen new institutions from Poland.

In the second part of the meeting the following presentations took place:

Presentation of the winners of the "Excellence in the Road Safety" award from Poland:

  • Marcin Kruszyński (PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA) - # Yellow PLK sticker - a new tool that improves safety level of the rail and road crossings users
  • Tomasz Zagajewski (Traffic Safety Centre in Łódź): Good practices implemented by the Road Safety Authority and the impact of the EKBRD award on their implementation and further actions

Presentation of selected Polish preventive programs implemented by Polish signatories of the European Charter:

  • Jacek Zalewski (National Road Safety Centre Foundation) - Activities of the National Road Safety Centre to improve the road traffic safety
  • Rafał Hrynyk (3M) - Examples of the industry involvement in the regulatory actions related to road safety
  • Bogusław Bernad (Municipal Streets and Bridges Authority in Chorzów) - Implementation of the program "Safe crossing for pedestrians" in the city of Chorzów
  • Agnieszka Czapiga-Górka (Circle K), Małgorzata Szukała (Polish Red Cross) - Educational program - Road ABC
  • Katarzyna Kucharek (President of the PKP Foundation) - Safer on the railways - the activities of the PKP Group Foundation

In the third part entitled "Non-Governmental Hyde Park", the speaker was Mr. Ilona Buttler from the MTI Road Safety Centre presenting "Polish Signatories of the European Road Safety Charter". The participants also discussed better use of the potential of NGOs in preventive activities in Poland.

The European Road Safety Charter is the largest platform in the world for the cooperation of EU institutions with various institutions and social organizations from the member states.

The charter was launched by the European Commission in January 2004 and is addressed to the local and regional authorities, industrial enterprises, transport companies, scientific institutions, associations, educational institutions, insurance companies, organizations representing road users, etc. who are close to the idea of consistently reducing risks occurring on the road. Until now, the European Road Safety Charter has been signed by over 4,000 different entities. In addition to global corporations, the Charter was also signed by schools and kindergartens from small towns from different member states as well as non-governmental organizations operating at the local level.

In Poland, for the first time the ceremony of signing European Road Safety Charter took place in April 2004. Since then, the European Road Safety Charter has been signed by over 140 organizations from our country, including the Motor Transport Institute in 2009.

By signing the European Road Safety Charter, its signatories declare that they will support the European Commission in achieving the objectives adopted in the next EU road safety programs by implementing their own preventive programs.