Polish Road to Automation of Road Transport


The acronym of the project "Polish Road to Automation of Road Transport" was created by combining Automated Vehicle-Poland-Road. Concerning Automated Vehicles (AV), the acronym CAD - Connected Automated Driving is also used, which is related to the potentially important function of the vehicle's communication with other vehicles and infrastructure (V2V and V2I). Providing communication between vehicles enables, among the others, driving in a convoy where the driver drives only the first vehicle. The global automotive and road transport industry is currently undergoing a transformation with vehicle automation to implement an autonomous vehicle capable of transporting passengers and goods without the driver's involvement. The autonomy of the vehicle means its ability to perform all manoeuvres previously performed by the driver independently. Depending on the degree of automation, CAD vehicles will reduce or even eliminate human involvement in driving. Due to the inevitably progressive implementation of CAD vehicles, the objectives of the project were formulated: 

- providing substantive support for the Government of the Republic of Poland in the field of safe implementation of CAD vehicles in Poland - construction of substantive facilities by carrying out analyses and tests of CAD vehicles using the national road infrastructure,

- preparing Poland for the challenges related to the safe implementation of automated and, in the future, autonomous vehicles into road traffic,

- creation of a CAD Contact Point for the road transport automation,

- providing support for the effective functioning and competitiveness of the domestic automotive and IT market,

- activation of the society in terms of new opportunities related to the development of the CAD vehicle market,

- analysis of the impact of introducing vehicles and CAD systems on other areas and problems of the socio-economic sphere.

The Polish automotive industry consists mainly of companies producing parts, components and software for vehicle manufacturers. On the other hand, well-known and appreciated Polish IT specialists should play an essential role in the development of the Polish CAD-related industry. Polish entities have a chance to take advantage of the revolution in the automotive industry involving the implementation of CAD, which will translate into an increase in the productivity and competitiveness of the Polish economy. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) may involve Polish companies from the automotive, IT and service industries - manufacturers of car parts, software for sensors and electronic components in cars, as well as service providers offering IT solutions for the automotive industry (navigation, travel planners, information exchange systems between drivers, etc.). The recipients of the project's results will be, first of all, public administration, Polish companies from the automotive industry, universities and research institutes, as well as the broadly understood social sphere. Automation of transportation is inevitable and will have an impact on different spheres of life, similar to the introduction of the internet.

The innovativeness of the automation justifies the need for continuous monitoring of this process, e.g. thanks to the creation, as a result of the project, of the CAD Contact Point.

The project is implemented by a consortium consisting of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (project leader), the Motor Transport Institute and the Warsaw University of Technology.



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