ITS awarded

We are pleased to announce that the project of the Motor Transport Institute (Automotive Service Centre for Disabled People - CUM ITS) - "Developing an electric bicycle prototype for people with disabilities", entered into the Stanisław Staszic's Competition - "Laurel of Innovation 2020" for the best innovative products, was awarded the Silver Innovation Laurel by the decision of the international Competition Jury.

The innovative ITS Bike was distinguished among the best products and innovations in the category "Services and other solutions and innovations of a socio-economic nature", which serve, among the others, economic development and competitiveness of the Polish economy.


The Motor Transport Institute has for many years been open to the automotive community of people with disabilities. This action is in line with the mission of the Institute - conducting, coordinating, and disseminating scientific research and development work in the field of road transport and developing new technical, organisational and economic solutions in various areas, in this case safety of the road users.

The activities conducted at the Automotive Service Centre for Persons with Disabilities, as well as commitment and openness to the needs of others, translate into specific system activities. Because the community of people with disabilities expects the implementation of legal provisions, including the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the activities of CUM ITS are to contribute to achieving the long-term goals set out in Art. 20 of the Convention Mobility.

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