The Motor Transport Institute is implementing an international project under the ERASMUS+ program "MOVING STARS Moving Safely to All Roads". The project concerns education in the field of road safety conducted at schools and kindergartens with pupils aged 5-14.

The project is run by a consortium of partners from Greece, Spain, Ireland, Poland and Turkey. The coordinator is the RSI Panos Mylonas Institute from Greece, and Poland is represented by the Motor Transport Institute.

The objective of the MOVING STARS project is to develop an educational program, intended mainly for teachers of primary schools and kindergartens to conduct classes in the field of road safety and mobility, taking into account teaching-learning techniques based on various types of games and movement activities, containing sensorimotor, linguistic, cognitive, social and emotional elements, in order to promote a holistic approach to road safety.

Benefits for pupils:

  • Expanding pupils' knowledge and understanding of road regulations and situations, as well as developing and improving the ability to safely participate in road traffic as pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Shaping the motor skills of pupils through the use of traditional and digital games as well as educational activities in order to create the basis for safe participation in the road traffic.
  • Promoting a safety culture, including risk awareness and personal safety.
  • Promoting active forms of moving about and conscious choice of transport means. 

Schools/kindergartens participating in the MOVING STARS project will turn into so-called "STARS HUBS" ("Safety To All RoadS HUBS") and will act as "laboratories" for the implementation of activities related to education in the field of road safety and mobility, involving the school community, including teachers, students, parents and the local community. Topics covered during the classes will concern i.a. safe walking, keeping balance, crossing the road, road signs, road visibility, distraction, etc.

We encourage institutions interested in participating to register by February 24, 2023 via the form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfDSs3V-12We_NitaXiki4B71ckViLbvVz0E5wCmgLXLwW4gQ/viewform and visit the MOVING STARS project website: www.movingstars.eu

Materials for teaching pupils are available on the website, e.g. a teacher's manual, which contains a description of all activities to be used during the lesson (the teacher himself decides on the number and subject of activities that he will carry out) and auxiliary materials. Classes with students using Moving Stars materials should be carried out by March 8, 2023 and a short summary of the completed classes with photos ought to be prepared. Schools and kindergartens as well as teachers involved will receive certificates of participation in the international project.

More information about the project: www.movingstars.eu

Contact to the coordinator at the Motor Transport Institute: tel.+48  22 43 85 243, 22 43 85 246


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