Scientific Committee - tasks

1.     Scientific committee is a constituting, initiating, opinion making and advisory authority of the Motor Transport Institute with respect to its statutory activities and scientific personnel development matters and those of the technical research staff.
2.     Scientific research committee’s tasks comprise in particular:
  • voting on the Motor Transport Institute statute;
  • submitting applications to the Ministry of Infrastructure for appointing or dismissal of the Institute’s director;
  • setting out prospective directions of the scientific, development and implementation activities, of the Motor Transport Institute;
  • submitting applications concerning mergers, partitioning, reorganisation or liquidation of the Motor Transport Institute as well as initiating transformation of this institution;
  • giving opinions for the directional subject matters and financial plans of the Motor Transport Institute and various annual reports of the Institute’s director on meeting the tasks set out for this institution;
  • giving opinions concerning suggestions on mergers partitioning, or reorganisation of the Motor Transport Institute and constant co-operation of this institution with other legal entities;
  • giving opinions about organisational regulations of the Motor Transport Institute;
  • giving opinions about the candidates for the director, deputies of the Motor Transport Institute director, scientific secretary and heads of the departments indicated in the organisational regulations;
  • giving opinions about the qualifications of the candidates for the scientific and technical research personnel as well as conducting periodical review of the scientific and technical achievements of this staff;
  • giving opinions on applications for the scientific grants;
3.     Voting rights on the matters, mentioned in the section 2 par. 9 and 10, are held only by the members of the scientific committee with the scientific degree or title.
4.     Scientific committee is entitled to express opinion on all the matters concerning the Motor Transport Institute’s activities.
5.     Scientific committee compiles opinions mentioned in section 2 par. 5-10, within a period, no longer than 30 days.

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