Durability tests of special vehicles’ components

The Center for Material Testing of the Motor Transport Institute has extended the scope of mechanical tests by durability tests of large-size vehicle components. Among the test objects that can be subjected to durability assessment, the following types can be mentioned:

  • loading ramps of the road assistance vehicles,
  • fixed and swivel frames of the semi–trailer tractors and delivery trucks,
  • other working components.

The tests are carried out on a vibro-insulated platform, the dimensions of which make it possible to install a test object with the following dimensions: 9 × 2.5 [m]. The tests use mobile actuators that can be set in the selected load action zones and work synchronously, asynchronously or using any activating signal to control each of them separately. Thanks to the swivel mounting of the actuator in the stator, it is possible to apply force at an angle. The tests can be carried out continuously until a certain number of cycles is achieved.


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