Psychological tests

Transport Psychology and Driving Simulator’ Laboratory at the ITS Transport Telematics Centre is a modern centre for preparing and compiling methods and methodologies of the psychological tests for drivers’, driver candidates’, instructors and examiners, drivers of the privileged vehicles, fleet drivers, drivers of the company vehicles, etc.

Transport Psychology and Driving Simulator’ Laboratory is based in Warsaw, at 80 Jagiellońska Str. is entered under the number: MCZP/RJP/1/005/01 in the register, of entrepreneurs running psychological laboratory,  kept by the Marshal of the Mazowieckie voivodship (province).

Laboratory equipment

The test laboratory is equipped with modern equipment for psychological research (including the Vienna Test System), allowing to conduct tests in accordance with the European standards.

The Department has also:

  • room for group tests where the selected tests are conducted using the traditional pencil and paper method or in computer-readable form;
  • tests equipment room;
  • professional and modern equipment for testing twilight vision and sensitivity to glare (modern darkroom and advanced vision tester for testing vision contrast, the disorder which can manifest itself at night in the form of so-called "chicken blindness");
  • apparatus to study physiological aspects of the driver’s operation: EEG, eye movements analyzer, etc;
  • extensive diagnostic facilities (tools for the study of mental abilities, personality traits and temperament, stress resistance, etc.).

The psychologists employed

Psychologists working at the Institute are high-class specialists with many years of experience, entitled to conduct psychological testing of drivers.

Methodology of research

According to the Decree of the Minister of Health of 8 July 2014 on psychological tests of applicants for the driving licence, drivers and those who work as a driver, the range of the psychological research in the field of transport psychology includes:

  • interview and direct observation of the tested person
  • testing using diagnostic tools
  • evaluation and description of the person examined in terms of:
  • intellectual function and cognition
  • personality with reference to the performance in difficult situations, and social maturity
  • psychomotor skills

The formal result of the test conducted is to obtain the psychological opinion corresponding to the diagnosis. In addition, such a comprehensive diagnosis carried out, allows to obtain the knowledge of one’s own strengths and weaknesses, acting as a clue to improve the quality and comfort of the work conducted.

The laboratory is designed to test disabled drivers.

The Department conducts psychological tests for:

  • Drivers and driver candidates of all driving license categories (A, B, C, D, E);
  • People who work in a driving profession;
  • Drivers of the privileged vehicles or those carrying cash values (initial or periodic tests);
  • Driving instructors and examiners (periodic and initial tests for the candidates);
  • Persons directed by the Prefect in connection with:

        - exceeding the permissible number of penalty points;

        - causing or participating in a road accident;

        - driving under the influence of alcohol or other psychoactive substance;

  • Drivers of company vehicles (e.g. sales representatives);
  • Drivers of the rally cars;
  • People directed by a doctor of occupational medicine;

Information for the tested person:

The documents necessary to proceed with the tests:

  • ID card,
  • Driving license – in case of testing the drivers, instructors, examiners, drivers of the privileged vehicles and trams
  • referral document for the tests, if it is issued by the competent institution (employer, doctor, police).

NOTE! The persons attending the test should be well rested, should refrain from drinking an alcohol or taking any other psychoactive substance, the day before.

When using glasses or contact lenses (for normal wearing or driving) they should be taken with you.

The test fee: 

150 PLN (Gross) – in accordance wit the Decree of the Minister of Health of 8 July 2014 on the psychological tests of the driving license applicants, drivers and people who work in the driving profession (item 937)


Registration for the tests:

Monika Ucińska, Msc.

tel. 22 43 85 543

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Ewa Odachowska-Rogalska, PhD

tel. 22 43 85 545

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mgr Kamila Gąsiorek

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