A specific class of porous materials

Ludmil Drenchev, Jerzy J. Sobczak

ISBN 978-83-60965-60-3, ISBN 978-83-88770-40-1

Year of publication: 2009

Number of pages: 98

Price: 40 zł

List of contents

The diversity of construction materials as well as possibility of their applications is fascinating. Beginning of ultra clear semi conductors crystals used in the technically highly advanced devices, up to the materials purposefully polluted, such as metal alloys and composites, which are used to reinforce construction elements for various applications. Material microstructure elements, such as porosity, caused by the presence of gas in the casts manufactured, for centuries regarded as a material flaw due to lowering strength, turn out to be desirable feature in the niche applications: high pressure filters, fluid separators, silencers, shock absorbers, thermal screens, rocket engines combustion chambers, and even golf sticks. Where as earlier the entire engineering inventiveness was harnessed to developing methods of eliminating gas from the melted metals, currently inventive technologies are perfected in such a way as to enable metal saturation with gas to obtain appropriately porous parts, in which those cavities will have a desired shape, size and will be spatially oriented in a specifically defined way. It is achieved by a directional solidification of the melted metal and appropriate eutectic reactions. This reversal in logic, brilliantly visible in the perfect examples of the cellular structure biological systems, is vital in the change of the design.

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