Functionally graded materials


Processing and Modeling
Jerzy Sobczak, Ludmil Drenchev
ISBN 978-83-60965-28-3, ISBN 978-83-88770-31-9
Year of publication: 2008
Number of pages: 80
Price: 38 zł

List of contents

The objective of this book is to present as comprehensive as possible review of the essential manufacturing technologies of functionally graded materials. Special attention has been paid to methods of quantitative estimation of the main structure parameters and properties of those materials. There is a concise description of the experimental methods and the analysis of the type of the structures manufactured. In order to help the Reader to understand the content dedicated to mathematical modelling of the graded structures, typical for the metal composite materials; the appropriate descriptions are contained in the annexes in the form of separate subject blocks. The description of the particles movement in the liquid in the gravitational and centrifugal field has been subject to analysis in the annexes A and B. The fundamental equations describing the particles behaviour when subjected to the Lorentz force, if used, for creating functional graded structure, is placed in the annex C. Comprehensive model of the physical phenomena, occurring in the gasars manufacturing practice, the Reader can find in the annex D. The publication appeared as part of the PBZ/KBN/114/T08/2004 ,,Modern materials and technological processes in the foundry engineering“ commissioned project research..

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