Environment Protection Centre

Environment Protection Centre

Motor Transport Institute

80 Jagiellońska Str.
03-301 Warsaw
tel. (+48 22) 43 85 265






Environment Protection Centre (COŚ) - operating as a department, conducts scientific research work concerning environmental protection against harmful effects of the pollutions caused by the road transport. Tasks of the department are as follows:

  • developing and testing of devices, methods and systems reducing pollutant emissions from vehicles and their engines;
  • development of testing methods for measurement of pollutant emissions and fuel consumption in the road vehicles and their engines;
  • compiling rules and procedures of controlling road vehicles and their engines with regard to their emissions and fuel consumption;
  • controlling road vehicles and their engines for complying with the requirements set out by the regulations for pollutant emissions and fuel consumption, and particularly conducting type-approval tests and production conformity control for vehicles and equipment in accordance with UN ECE regulations and EU Directives;
  • engine bench testing in stationary and transient cycles;
  • chassis dynamometer testing of the light duty vehicles and motorcycles in ambient and low temperatures;
  • developing methods of determining emission indicators from the road vehicles, as well as monitoring these emissions on a micro and macro scale;
  • monitoring of carbon dioxide emission from new motor vehicles;
  • making analyses, listings and reports on Poland’s meeting the international agreements on the environmental protection and referring to the road transport;
  • co-operation with the domestic and international entities on protecting the environment against harmful effects of the road transport.
  • conducting of the type approval of non road mobile machineries in accordance with Directive 97/68/EC and its subsequent amendments;
  • measurement of fuel consumption for city buses in SORT tests;
  • type approval testing of vehicle hydrogen installations;
  • testing of heating and air conditioning systems of a medical ambulance in accordance with EN 1789 standard;
  • engine and vehicle testing of biofuels and alternative fuels;
  • assessment of biofuel potentials;
  • work studies on perspectives of motorization progress;
  • measurement of the emissions in real road conditions.


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