Vehicle Type-Approval & Testing Department

Head of the Centre: Sławomir Cholewiński, MSc, Mech. Eng.

Vehicle Type-Approval & Testing Department
Motor Transport Institute

80 Jagiellońska Str.
03-301 Warsaw
tel. (+48 22) 43 85 351



Vehicle Type-Approval & Testing Department (ZBH) conducts scientific research and expert's work concerning vehicle type-approval tests, its equipment and component tests, as well as tests of production conformity with the type approved. Work covers in particular:

  • drafting of vehicle approval, vehicle and component type-approval regulations, both domestic and international;
  • vehicle approval, vehicle and component type-approval tests in accordance with domestic, European Union (EU) and United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN ECE) approval systems, including authorisation of such tests carried out by other technical services;
  • inspections of Conformity of Production (CoP) and Initial Assessment (IA) procedures upon the approval authority authorisation;
  • consultations and expertises.

The department is divided into two following sections: Vehicle Testing Laboratory and Gas Powered Vehicles Laboratory. Their tasks are as follows:

Vehicle Testing Laboratory:

  • vehicle type-approval tests according to national procedures;
  • qualification tests;
  • developing guidelines for modernising vehicles;
  • technical progress analyses in the field of vehicles;
  • testing medical ambulances (new) for compliance with BS EN 1789 standard, issuing certificate in this regard;
  • testing the strength of the trucks bodies for compliance with BS EN 12642 standard and issuing certificate in this regard;
  • testing strength of the cargo anchoring points for compliance with BS EN 12640 standard and issuing certificate in this regard;
  • testing the safety of the carried cargo in the trucks of up to 7,5 t according to ISO 27956-2009 standard.
  • type-approval tests of a motor vehicle maximum speed;
  • type-approval tests of installation of speedometer in a motor vehicle;
  • type-approval tests of noise generated by motor vehicles;
  • type-approval tests for installation of audible warning devices of two-, three and four-wheeled motor vehicles;
  • tests of internal noise emission medical special purpose vehicles;
  • type-approval tests of strength and installation of safety devices preventing from entering the side of the vehicle;
  • type-approval tests of vehicle masses and dimensions;
  • type-approval tests of installation of tires;
  • type-approval tests of installation of the rear protective devices;
  • measurements of the dimensions and angles using world-class laser devices of very high precision and providing services in this area.
  • visibility tests from the driver seat;
  • driver's workstation ergonomics tests and driving equipment tests. 
  • type-approval tests of the vehicle lighting equipment;
  • reflective materials test (reflection coefficient, colour);
  • type-approval tests for the layout of the lighting and light-signalling equipment of vehicles;
  • type-approval tests of the special warning lamps;
  • photometric and colorimetric tests (measurement of luminous intensity, illuminance, luminance, luminous flux, colour, reflectance and transmittance, and luminance ratio).

Gas Powered Vehicles Laboratory:

  • monitoring the network of firms installing  gas supply systems in the vehicles;
  • type-approval tests of the gas supply system components (LPG, CNG);
  • type-approval tests of the gas supply systems installation method.

Type-approval Regulations Laboratory:

  • keeping records of the international regulations and standards issued by the UN and the EU, relating to the construction and testing of vehicles and maintaining archives of such documents;
  • recommending research units to perform selected certification tests and presenting them to the Minister in charge of transport;
  • technical supervision and inspection of the conducted separate type-approval tests;
  • coordination of the issues related to the type-approval in accordance with the UN and the EU systems;
  • developing materials and guidelines necessary for cooperation with the automotive industry. 

The department has a research laboratory accreditation certificate No. 503, confirming its compliance with the requirements of the PN -EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard. The Scope of Accreditation in PDF format can be downaloaded from the Polish Centre for Accreditations website.


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