Transport Telematics Centre

Acting Head of the Centre: Monika Ucińska, MSc.

Transport Telematics Centre
Motor Transport Institute

80 Jagiellońska Str.
03-301 Warsaw
tel. (+48 22) 43 85 385


Transport Telematics Centre (TTC) conducts scientific research, promotional and expert work in the field of:

  • development of autonomous and automated driving systems in road transport,
  • driver's testing using driving simulators and eye-tracking devices,
  • development of methods for monitoring the condition and behaviour of drivers,
  • assessing the behaviour of road users,
  • development of research and training driving simulators,
  • evaluation and validation of human-machine interfaces (HMI),
  • modern telecommunications, IT, and electronic technologies used in road transport systems (Intelligent Transport Systems),
  • standardisation and normalization in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems,
  • expert assessment of Intelligent Transport Systems and their components,
  • ICT systems for electric vehicles (e.g. pseudo-intelligent energy management), modern transport infrastructure, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) data transmission systems,
  • experimental road markings and signs,
  • methodology of psychological testing of drivers, test standards and rules of judicature,
  • preparation of methodological materials which form the basis for transport psychologists training,
  • creating educational and re-educational programs for drivers and candidates for drivers as well as candidates for instructors and examiners.

In addition, the activities of the Centre concern:

  • organization of seminars, trainings, and scientific conferences,
  • co-organization of post-graduate studies for transport psychologists and diagnosticians,
  • active participation in the initiatives for education and changing dangerous attitudes of drivers and other road users - participation in social campaigns,
  • conducting psychological tests of drivers and candidates for drivers,
  • assistance to road accidents victims (participants, perpetrators, families of the victims),
  • substantive assistance to the existing and newly emerging psychological driver testing laboratories.

The above thematic scope of the Centre’s operation is carried out by four Laboratories:

    1. Laboratory of Autonomous Vehicles:

  • studies of autonomous systems for road transport,
  • analyses for the needs of the implementation of autonomous driving systems in Poland,
  • cooperation with the manufacturers of systems and components used for transport automation,
  • analyses of technology development and trends related to intelligent mobility,
  • promotional activities for increasing awareness, social acceptance, and safe implementation of autonomy systems for road transport,
  • tests of the road infrastructure in connection with the implementation of autonomous vehicles,
  • organizational and research&development support for the Competence Centre for Autonomous and Connected Vehicles.

    2. Transport Psychology and Driving Simulators Laboratory:

  • research in the field of transport psychology,
  • studies on the behaviour of drivers in simulation conditions,
  • testing of in-vehicle devices, including man-machine interfaces, using high-end driving simulators,
  • organizing training and social campaigns in the field of transport psychology,
  • preparation of analyses, opinions, and expertise in the field of transport psychology,
  • development of IT used in testing and training of drivers.

    3. Laboratory of Intelligent Transport Systems:

  • testing Intelligent Transport Systems elements,
  • opinions and expertise in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems,
  • maintaining infrastructure and databases for the needs of the Road Carriers Certification process,
  • use of elements of Intelligent Transport Systems for the implementation of the Smart Cities concept,
  • popularisation of knowledge in the field of transport activities,
  • operating the IT systems supporting transport activities.

    4. Laboratory of Economics and Accessibility of Transport:

  • monitoring of the transport market,
  • research: operating costs of transport companies, haulage work, the market situation in selected transport sectors and car fleet,
  • analysis of transport accessibility as well as forecasts and proposed solutions in this area,
  • analysis of trends and business models in the field of transport and mobility, including the importance of electrification, automation, and sharing policy (including the development of MaaS - Mobility as a Service),
  • evaluation of the effects of legislative and organisational changes in the field of transport and mobility.

Selected projects of the Transport Telematics Centre




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