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Influence of multiple remelting of particulate reinforced cast aluminum composites on their properties and structure
The work presents the basic aspects of recycling of metal composites, cast on the example of aluminum composites, as well as the problems and limitations which they involve read more »
Atlas of microstructures of solder alloys and solder/metal interfaces. Part 1: Optical Microscopy
This edition contains the book of collection of microstructures (Atlas) and two CDs. The Atlas encloses the results of structural characterization of a wide group of lead-free solder candidates and solder joints by means of optical color microscopy. read more »
Road Transport Costs
Transport enterprises, as business entities, are directly fulfilling social needs of a certain type i.e. transport services. This is a determinant of the existence of these business entities – their inherent objective read more »
Freight Motor Transport
The primary objective of this publication is to look more closely at the role and place of the freight road transport, by synthetically presenting the number of information on the subject and its analysis. The book is of a general character, covering in an abbreviated form all of the issues linked with the functioning of the road transport, in particular with the freight haulage. read more »
Atlas of cost metal-matrix composites structures
This publication is an atlas of composite materials’ metal structures of non–ferrous matrix, in majority manufactured and tested during the last decade. read more »
Functionally graded materials
The objective of this book is to present as comprehensive as possible review of the essential manufacturing technologies of functionally graded materials. Special attention has been paid to methods of quantitative estimation  of the main structure parameters read more »
Synthesis of alloys
The publication covers fundamentals of the problems linked with the theory of designing metal alloys according to Borys Gulaev. It briefly discusses all the problems associated with optimal selection of the alloys’ components read more »
The diversity of construction materials as well as possibility of their applications is fascinating. Beginning of ultra clear semi conductors crystals used in the highly advanced read more »


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